PARSAYARAN KHORASAN Company was established in 2003 in PARTLASTIC Industrial Group with the aim of manufacturing fuel transmission systems, polymer tanks and brake pipes. In its vocation PARSAYARAN KHORASAN has relied on knowledge and experience of its experts and constant use of modern technology in order to improve the quality level of its products in accordance with the world standards to achieve the satisfaction of its customers.
PARSAYARAN KHORASAN has been developing its products with activating research and development unit to increase the quality of the manufactured products by using scientific and extensive research to stay active in domestic markets. In implementation of organizational mission we feel obliged to increase our customers’ satisfaction by providing desirable quality, considering the standards, on time delivery and innovation. As a member of PARTLASTIC group we believe in the principals of sustainable development and value learning, creativity and teamwork to focus on satisfaction of our stakeholders and customers and we are responsible to adhere to environmental, social and safety principals as well.
PARSAYARAN KHORASAN plays an effective role in the country’s industrial progress by manufacturing competitive products that comply with environmental standards.

Customer Orientation

To understand the needs and demands of the market, we always consider the customers’ point of view. In designing and improving our services, our customers’ needs are our main priority.


We always accept responsibility for the shortcomings and take steps to improve and compensate them. We always try to provide a solution for the problems we are aware of.

Perfect service

Satisfaction and constant contact of our customers reveals a pure and continuous service.

Parsa Yaran Technology and Equipment

Our engineering team is constantly trying to improve the quality of products according to global standards by updating their technical and specialized knowledge and using advanced tools, equipment and devices.


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In Parsa Yaran Company, we intend to benefit from being together with sympathy, kindness and exchanging the experiences and working with synergy with one another for constant improvement of our company.